• ODR-C Custom Overdrive
  • ODR-C with my 1980 Fender Bullet

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Development of the ODR-S

I've been approached a lot lately about the Nobels ODR-S / Overdrive Special.

That's why I wrote down a few highlights from my development in early 1993.

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If someone wants to read a little more about me and my passion for developing and building effects devices:

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I am currently shipping goods to the UK via DHL. Since the Brexit negotiations are still not settled,

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ODR-C Demo: Guitarsenal

Wow! A few days ago there was an extensive ODR-C [BLACK EDITION] test by Guitarsenal!

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ODR-C [BLACK EDITION]: New Video from L.A. Sound Design

Today a link to a YouTube video from LA Sound Design.

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Service / Development / Analysis

Do you have projects that require support in the design and development of electronic equipment, preferably from the music or analog industry?


Typical works:

If you are interested please contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


My references

For more than 35 years I design and develop electronic devices for the music industry. Except for two exceptions, I was involved in all Nobels products. At Shadow I was the authoritative hardware electronics specialist from 2007. Later I worked as project manager (Manager R&D) at Tronical GmbH (Automatic Tuning Systems for Tronical and Gibson)

Here is an excerpt of the produced devices:

During my Nobels time (end of the 80s until the end of 2007)

  • Nobels Sound Studio SST-1, SST-1X and SST-19 (programmable preamp with effects)
  • Nobels effects pedal series (Overdrive, Distortion, Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Preamps, etc.)
  • Nobels MIDI Controller & Switcher (MS-4, MV-C, MS-8, MF-1, MF-2)
  • Nobels Compact Series (Signal Splitter, Mixer, Looper, etc.)
  • Nobels guitar amplifier
  • Nobels headphone amplifier
  • Fender MS-8 MIDI Controller (same as Nobels MS-8)
  • Fender Mycro (bass & guitar, identical to Nobels Mycro)
  • Fender Stereo-Pak Headphone Amplifier with Chorus / Delay (Bass & Guitar, identical to Nobels Stereo-Pak)
  • Kramer Mini PAK Headphone Amplifier (USA)
  • Shadow preamp with chorus
  • Hohner active bass electronics (The Jack etc.)
  • RAM / Series 10 effect pedals (USA only, identical Nobels effect pedals)
  • SFX-Digitune effect pedals (Korea)
  • EXE Effect Pedals and Pedal Tuners (China)

During my Shadow time (2008 to 2015)

  • Epiphone Ultra III (LP guitar electronics with USB)
  • Epiphone various Acoustic Guitar Preamps
  • Shadow Rockabilly RB-Pro Double Bass Preamp
  • Shadow Preamps for Zither, Mandolin, Guitars, etc.
  • KALA Ukulele Preamps
  • Traveler Guitars Acoustic, Guitar Preamps, EG-1 Effect Section
  • LAG Acoustic Guitar Preamps
  • Lakewood Acoustic Guitar Preamps
  • Hanika Acoustic Guitar Preamps
  • Martin Acoustic Guitar Preamps
  • Aetnica electronic cajon
  • Meinl Percussion Pedal

During my Tronical  period (2015 to 2018)

  • Gibson / Tronical PowerTune System (various versions)


* Note: All brands listed here (Nobels, Fender, Shadow, Tronical, Hohner, Kramer, Epiphone, Gibson, Kala, Lag, Lakewood, Hanika, Martin, Aetnica, Meinl) do not belong to my person or my company Nordland Electronics!

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