Limitations due to Corona

Probably nobody can see or hear the word Corona ...

But I'm also more or less affected. In particular, there are problems with material for the ODR-C pedals, as well as shipping problems with DHL.
The good news:

Not only that my large material shipment is now coming via Fedex for another 500 devices: I can now also send myself with Fedex!

I had registered with DHL Express just 4 weeks ago and sent the documents back signed. Unfortunately, no answer until today! At Fedex it was done in 3 days.

For shipments to the USA, DHL Business (the "normal" DHL) then demands a so-called crisis surcharge of EUR 16.00. Since Fedex has its own planes, their crisis surcharge is just 0.20 euros. For shipments to the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. there is now only. Fedex International Priority with a term (including customs) of a few days. Example USA: 4 days, including creation, collection the next day and delivery. Economy is a little cheaper - but runs much longer. Unfortunately I can not give an example from experience!

The delivery of the ODR-C in Germany with DHL still seems to work. DHL has restrictions on shipments to the EU or the rest of Europe and other countries due to the Corona crisis. So if you want to order soon, have a look here to see if I can deliver to you at all:

Stay healthy!

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