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ODR-C available again

Just in time for the holiday, the demand for the ODR-C has decreased so that for the first time I can keep the shop open with a sufficient amount. 

Future ODR-C orders:

I came up with something new and maybe better.
Instead of a newsletter that shows the next batch of ODR-C, I have integrated a time display and progress indicator in the shop (right side), which shows when the shop is updated.

Limitations due to Corona

Probably nobody can see or hear the word Corona ...

But I'm also more or less affected. In particular, there are problems with material for the ODR-C pedals, as well as shipping problems with DHL.
The good news:

Sorry - sold out again...

Thank you - thank you - thank you !!! 

What an enormous demand!

Hooray - the ODR-C is back!

Today the shop was filled with fresh 40 devices.
And then it happened:

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