• NEW ODR-C Custom Special Overdrive
  • ODR-C BLACK EDITION Summertime
  • ODR-C Custom Overdrive
  • ODR-CC Compact Size
  • ODR-CS & ODR-C 30th Anniversary
  • ODR-C Green / Black Edition
  • NEW ODR-C Custom Special Overdrive

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  • I am back at home! Unfortunately, I'm not 100% fit yet, so shipping may not take place until a day later.
  • Unfortunately I have to close the shop for the next 2 weeks. I go to the hospital on Monday (4.9.2023) and stay there for about 10 to 14 days. I hope the surgical procedure will be successful. Then I'll open the shop again!
  • Update: The doctor had extended my stay by 8 days... I should finally be home and open the shop around September 27th!


ODR-CS Custom Special Overdrive - Info

My new Overdrive ODR-CS is not a limited edition. So I will constantly build and enter finished devices in the shop.


ODR-C 30th Anniversary - Completed!

The campaign has ended - all devices have been sold!
Thanks for your support!

Status ODR-C 30th Anniversary

I am currently building the 2nd and final batch!

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New! But sold out again?

As quickly as the ODR-C 30th Anniversary was announced, it was sold out again!

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New: ODR-CC+ [Black Edition]

I already presented the ODR-CC+ Compact+ Overdrive in June. This was then sold out within a short time! I am of course very pleased that they were so well received.
So it made sense to bring out...

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