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  • ODR-C Green / Black Edition

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New: ODR-CC+ [Black Edition]

I already presented the ODR-CC+ Compact+ Overdrive in June. This was then sold out within a short time! I am of course very pleased that they were so well received.
So it made sense to bring out...

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Yes, it can also be smaller!

I thought so and started installing the ODR-C in...

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Reduced FEDEX shipping costs!

I just got an update of my Fedex price list!

After the shipping costs at Fedex have become more and more expensive in the last few months due to corona surcharges - which I had NOT charged further - I received a new and better price list! This allows me to...

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Development of the ODR-S

I've been approached a lot lately about the Nobels ODR-S / Overdrive Special.

That's why I wrote down a few highlights from my development in early 1993.

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If someone wants to read a little more about me and my passion for developing and building effects devices:

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I am currently shipping goods to the UK via DHL. Since the Brexit negotiations are still not settled,

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