• ODR-C Custom Overdrive
  • ODR-C - Production is running "again"
  • ODR-C with my 1980 Fender Bullet
  • ODR-C Custom Overdrive

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Sorry - sold out again...

Thank you - thank you - thank you !!! 

What an enormous demand!

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Hooray - the ODR-C is back!

Today the shop was filled with fresh 40 devices.
And then it happened:

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Sold out! What now??

I do not know what to say?!?
After Steve Sterlacci put the ODR-C Video online and I opened the online shop at the same time, things went very quickly. I couldn't watch as quickly as the ODR-C inventory was running towards zero.

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YouTube Channel opened

My first video or picture show published on YOUTUBE!

I took a few steps...

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Construction of a mobile salt chamber

Actually, I only do music electronics ... but when my two daughters asked me to install a nebulizer in their double horse trailer, of course I could not say no.

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